Hi, I'm Wandy!

I am a writer and activist by way of NYC. My work spans across journalism, public relations, social media, video production, and event organizing.

In this work I cover women's issues and representation in media, Latinx art, pop culture, fashion, beauty, POC and diversity in STE(A)M. My work can be found in Bust Magazine, Huffington Post, Latino Rebels, Mítu, and other publications. Sometimes, I write poems. You can find my writing here, or by exploring the tabs to your left. 

Forthcoming byline: Thrillist

Even when I’m not writing my own stories, I still think it’s important to contribute to conversations on class, culture, politics, race, relationships, and professional development, which I have for CNN, Refinery29, Teen Vogue, VICE, and other sites.


My friends would probably describe me as the physical embodiment of cracking opening a piñata filled with glitter.

(You, if we work together.)

(You, if we work together.)

Some of the companies and organizations I've worked with include

  • Button Poetry (Events and Publicity)

  • Girls Write Now (Development and Operations)

  • El Museo Del Barrio (Social Media Marketing)

  • HarperCollins (Editorial)

  • Penguin Random House (Editorial, Marketing, Publicity)

  • The Young Turks (Journalism, Social Media Marketing, Publicity, Video Production)

  • YouTube (Live Event Production, Publicity)

I’m also available as a speaker related to journalism, social media marketing, PR, and Latinx representation in those spaces.

Currently I’m the Digital Content Producer for a local NYC tv station and newspaper. If you’d like to find out more about me or what I’m up to now, shoot me a line!