Wandy Felicita Ortiz is currently the Producer and Communications Manager at ScIQ and ReAgency.  ScIQ is the science channel of The Young Turks Network, the largest online news broadcaster in the world, filmed at YouTube studios in New York City. ReAgency is a boutique Public Relations company that, like ScIQ, focuses on communicating science on a global scale as the only science PR group of its kind.  

Prior to her current position, Wandy was employed at Penguin Random House with Crown Publishing, working between Crown's three imprints and learning essential editorial and marketing skills along the way. 

In her spare time, Wandy works as an editor alongside creatives such as Aspen Matis, New York Times Modern Love contributor and author of Girl in the Woods, and Grammy-nominated singer and producer Mike Posner. She also serves on the Board of Advisors to Magic Dog Productions , a NYC-based video production company. 

Social activism is a theme which connects all of Wandy's career and creative activity. She has close ties to Girls Write Now, one of New York City’s Top 10 NPOs, which pairs young women with female mentors and offers them a creative, safe space to learn and grow using a variation of writing techniques and digital media tools.

Wandy also tutors French and has training in language translation/ interpretation. She enjoys working and collaborating with other organizations and individuals- both in person and remotely- who share her passion for social and political change, women's rights, and creating safe places for them to explore their interests creatively, academically, and socially.

Wandy recently embarked on a collaborative European tour with Fashion/ Lifestyle blogger Sebastian Cintron, where she held photoshoots on- site at various historical sights around the globe. Photography and advertisement for Sebastian also included a fall ad campaign for Coach, and a NYC-based summer ad campaign for Old Navy.

A great way to further understand the origins of Wandy's blog is by reading her feature on fashion blog  rezachristian.com. To learn more information about Wandy, feel free to submit an inquiry.

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