Some notable moments in Wandy Felicita's career thus far include interviewing Democratic Congressman Hakeem Jefffries of the U.S. House of Representatives, being featured in the Huffington Post, and presenting tips on how to get involved in freelance writing as a millennial on Dear English Major, one of the top reference, networking, and advice websites for English majors. 


HerTrack Writer Profile (Present)

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HerTrack is an up and coming social content and blogging platform focused on giving millennial women a space to converge and share their life experiences. Wandy recently took part in HerTrack's new #ShareWhatMatters campaign, in which she advocates for the expansion and establishment of safe writing spaces/ institutions for girls and women.

The Torch

 St. John's University .        (2016-2017)

As a contributing writer for SJU's award- winning student newspaper, Wandy Felicita highlights current events, fashion, and the broad array of talent the university's students have to offer both in and out of the classroom. 

 Notable mention:

8 sju bloggers you should follow


With the field of Digital Media rapidly expanding since the early 2000s,  it seems everyone is using it to build their career and broadcast their talents on their own personal websites. Wandy is one of many individuals who dedicate a large portion of their time to perfecting their online worlds. 


All those jobs applications have to have some kind of practice pay off! As part of the WayUp team, Wandy used her networking and interviewing experience to help guide her contemporaries in succeeding in the job market, while receiving mentorship and learning new skill sets herself!


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Odyssey Writer Profile .     (2015-2017)


Odyssey is quickly became one of the biggest online influences for people ages 18-24, with more than 20 million unique readers searching the platform as of 2016. This made Odyssey bigger than Time magazine, GQ, Elite Daily, and People Magazine in the millennial age group.

Fatured interview

reza christí (2016)

SoCal Fashion & lifestyle blogger Reza Christían recently featured Wandy Felicita in an interview discussing the origins of Just Wandering Through and how Wandy's academic/ digital media practices lend themselves to her ideologies and social activism.

Wandy also interviewed Reza on topics such as Reza's own blog inspirations, the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections, and her favorite female fashion icons, which you can find here .


              SARA STRIVES.COM                (2016)

Artist, designer, and blogger Sara Fry seeks to inspire and be inspired by cultivating a community for creatives in a university setting and beyond. In June of 2016, Wandy Felicita collaborated with Sara to discuss how's mission of community extends well beyond just artists and bloggers.



A NYC- based Latino collaboration on the go, Wandy spent much of Fall 2016 finding the most photogenic locations in all of Western Europe, and the Sebastian perfect clothing and lighting to match! The two worlds of fashion and travel collide with Wandy behind the lens in a series of mood capturing shoots. 

               SCRAPS ONLINE MAGAZINE,                                             WRITER PROFILE                             (PRESENT)

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Society19 Writer Profile    (2017-2017)

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 5.36.07 PM.png

During her time at S19, Wandy Felicita was part of a growing collective of New York City young adults offering fashion, education, and lifestyle advice to those aspiring to live in the Big Apple.


Thought Catalog(2016)

Thought Catalog, one of the U.S's top 100 most viewed websites, attracts 25+ million monthly unique visitors. Thought Catalog's content, which includes listicles, articles and think pieces, has  been noted for its uniquely millennial voice. Wandy is humbled to share her personal story via this platform.



As GWN's Development and Operations intern, Wandy Felicita's responsibilities included describing donor profiles and creating pieces for the Girls Write Now blog. In July 2016, two of Wandy's works were featured in GWN's monthly news letter.