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reviewing a digital dystopian novel

On this website dedicated to Shumeet Baluja's “The Silicon Jungle,” you can find Wandy Felicita among students who participated in a Digital Studies class and shared their reviews on the novel, ranging from general opinions to thoughts involving religion and God.  Aside from posts relating to this novel's author and dystopian novels today, you can find most everything on TSJ in this digital edition.

ZItkala- sa: website

Similarly to the project on Digital Dystopians, Wandy Felicita took part in a group website building exercise in order to create an online profile for Native American woman Zitkala- Sa. Sa is one of the least known female writers of color in the United States. She struggled through cultural assimilation, and was marginalized for her ethnicity.  A comprehensive history of Zitkala- Sa and her writing can be found on this Wix site.